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Mixing pump for ready-mix dry plaster CK 30

mixing pump for ready-mix dry mortar - Edilmac CK 30



Mixing pump CK 30 is a Three-phase worm vertical plastering machine, ideal to mix, transport and spray all kinds of ready-mix dry mortars with max. aggregate size to 5 mm, cement, lime or gypsum based, for indoor, outdoor and ceilings, self-levelling floor screed and special fibred mortars.
CK 30 plastering machine ensuring first level performance by exclusive ducted cochlear dry mortar dosing, that can be perfect feeding the pump without compromised, excellent versatility by disassemble in 3 parts for easy manual carrying to the floors.
Connecting the machine to the filter hood (on request) with the conveyor system located under the silo, you can save time and personnel than manual use with ready-mix dry mortar in a bags.



  • It mixes perfectly the material and it allows to adjust the mixture density with the dosing valve.
  • The machine is handy and provided with wheels (2 with brake ) and hooks for hanging, it can be disassembled in 3 parts.
  • The mixing pump is ergonomic and strong.
  • It's provided with water pump.
  • Complete cleaning system, which uses the electric water pump supplied, allowing the mortar pump to be perfectly cleaned with a strong jet of water, without the use of a scraper, combined with the discharge by-pass, to free the residues of cleaning, without getting dirty on the ground thanks to the possibility of placing recovery buckets under the exit of the by-pass itself.
  • It's standard provided with protection net and bag opener.
  • It has an only mixer for all kinds of ready-mix dry mortars .
  • The new type of mixing chamber mixes without problems every kinds of ready-mix plasters for indoor and outdoor
  • It's soundless in the working pause too
  • It needs little maintenance and it can be cleaned quickly


CK 30
Voltage 400 V three-phase
Pump motor 5,5 kW
Dosing pump motor 0,75 kW
Air compressor 0,75 kW
Water pump 0,33 kW
Maximum working pressure 25 - 30 bar
Maximum aggregate size up to 5 mm
Pump output capacity up to 30 l/min. (standard rotor)
Maximum pumping distance up to 40 m
Maximum pumping height up to 12 m
Hopper capacity 130 l
Length x width x height 1300 x 750 x 1400 mm
Loading height 950 mm
Total Weight 250 kg
Standard Hose equipment 15 m - single piece
Other material in a standard equipment Instructions manual, spray gun, toolbox, accessories and declaration of conformity


CK 30 plastering machine disassemble in 3 parts. filter hood for plastering machine CK 30

Disassembled in 3 parts.

Filter hood.


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