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News and communications EDILMAC


New 2021 versions continuous mixer Impact and small filling joints pump FC 20.


New 2021 updated version of the continuous mixer Impact, with even more optimize ad universal mixing system, suitable for all ready-mix mortars, special and thermal insulation plasters, including the ready-mix floor screed; also a new metallic casing of the electric panel. It remains unchanged, the quality of the motor-gear with high start torque to prevent starting jams of mixer, even with full materials load.
2021 update also for the small filling joints machine FC 20, with a new frame even more ergonomic and manageable, new metallic casing of the electric panel, moto-potentiometer for pump speed adjustment, new versions of the electric motor and the inverter equipped, which further expands the already good field of application of this small filling joints pump, with optimal performance and very low electric power consumption.


1986-2021, the 35th anniversary of EDILMAC activity.

Edilmac 35th anniversary

Since 1986 to 2021, Edilmac celebrates with proud, the 35th anniversary of uninterrupted business activity.
This occasion is propitious to make many thanks for those who contributed to this project and its evolution, but also a special thanks to Edilmac's customers, who have made possible the growth and development of the company business in all of these years


New 2019 version of multi-purpose pump FC 50.


Edilmac presents the new 2019 version, of the multi-purpose horizontal worm pump FC 50.
New frame even more ergonomic and manageable, new versions of the electric motor and the inverter equipped, which further expands the already excellent field of application of this small multi-purpose pump, with top performance and even lower electric power consumption; for plastering, filling joints, and perform consolidation injections, in accordance with best practice!


Important communication.


Important communication and clarification about Edilmac brand and products.
Edilmac clarifies that the exact company name is "EDILMAC" also defined by the distinctive red logo that appears in all of its products and catalogues / brochures, that is NOT never absent. This precision is necessary in order to NOT confuse the machines manufactured by "EDILMAC" with those of others companies similarly named.
Edilmac also indicates the presence in the market, since some time, of a piston plastering machines and filling joints machines produced by some companies, in a manner almost identical of those manufactured from several years by Edilmac.
The names of these machines are expressed with numbers or letters reversed or additions, and unfortunately in some cases with the same name, created especially to be confused with the models proposed by Edilmac, those filling joints machines and plastering machines "HAVE NOTHING TO DO" with Edilmac's products in its functioning, performance, reliability and security, and Edilmac also specifies that there isn't any kind of relationship with these companies, any information about these machineries are always welcome, in order to protect our products and brand (for reports refer to the "contact" page).
It's therefore very important to make attention about the exact brand name and machine model name that you buy, which is really what you have ordered, requested or seen, remembering that the Edilmac machines are totally manufactured in ITALY, are sold exclusively under the brand name "EDILMAC" with colours and the forms defined in their brochures, magazine advertising, flyers and visible images on the website Edilmac.
All Edilmac machines are ALWAYS provided with the identification metallic tag, unique serial number, CE mark, the user manual for use and maintenance with declaration of conformity.


New Compact horizontal screw plastering machine FCX 80.


Edilmac presents a 2015 novelty; the horizontal worm pump FCX 80, a medium-small plastering machine and transporter pump, very compact, which is between PC 500 series and FC 50 pumps; either in a single-phase version with adjustable output by inverter, that as three-phase at fixed speed, but it can be installed a different stators and rotors depending on the application.
Therefore FCX 80 is a plastering machine for traditional mortars, ready-mix plasters, finish renders mixed with water by any type of mixers, excellent compactness, hopper capacity of 80 lt, combined with excellent performance; available also various modular kits, with whom you can perform injections, grouting, and transport of wet mortars.


Section of videos at building sites, renovated; now on high definition.


The section Videos at building sites has been totally renovated, with videos already present and others brand new, in high-definition (HD 720p) for enhanced display quality of machinery Edilmac at work on building sites, for plastering, grouting, injection, spraying and wet mortars transport.


EVUTECH - A brand new Edilmac's concept of pistons plastering machine.


Edilmac is proud to present, after several years of development: - EVUTECH -, a new Edilmac concept of pistons pump system, which have a particular axial execution, that expands the range of suitable mortars (up to 12 mm of aggregate size and pumping of mortars, also premixed type, without replacement of any pump parts) ensuring an excellent uniformity of sprayed material without equal in a piston pump system.
EVUTECH represents the legacy of the popular P 110 series, which is replaced after more than twenty years of great success.


Worm plastering machine PC 500 C video.


Plastering machine in PC 500 C video, spraying of thixotropic fiber-reinforced plaster on the walls of some hundreds meters of artificial underground duct for extra water of hydroelectric power plant, performed with worm pump PC 500 C.