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Single-phase continuous mixer for ready-mix dry plasters IMPACT

Continuous mixer for ready-mix dry mortars IMPACT single-phase 230 V



Continuous mixer IMPACT is the most compact single-phase 230 V continuous mixer for dry mortars, mixes automatically with water and continuously various type of ready mix dry mortars, with only 1,1 kW of electric motor driven by inverter.
The Continuous mixer IMPACT is suitable to mixing ready-mix dry mortars in bags, lime or cement based, finishing dry plasters, jointing mortars, cement, various adhesive mortars, thermal insulation plasters,ready mix floor screeds and self-levelling, masonry mortar, coloured plasters and skim coats, mortars for renovations.
The loading of the material is performed by the operator by pouring the bagged dry material inside the hopper, opening by the safety grid with bag opener, then mixed in automatic with water and applied by hand or feeding directly a single-phase machine, as PC 500 M, FCX 80 or FC 50 that needs premixed wet mortar, thanks to its low power consumption.
Small, lightweight, speedy, used easily and with low power consumption; all of this is IMPACT, the single-phase continuous mixer ideal to mix ready-mix dry plasters and mortars, the perfect modern replacement to the concrete mixer.



  • Mixes perfectly the material and it allows to adjust the mixture density with the micrometric dosing valve of water.
  • Universal mixing shaft for any kind of ready-mix materials, then it' s NOT necessary changing the mixing shaft when uses different types of materials.
  • Quality motor-gearbox with electric motor driven by inverter, to optimize performance and power saving, without blocks or jams of the mixer during the start-up and in operation even after pauses of use.
  • Mortars and plasters optimal mixed with good mixing output capability, without any loss of performance when using materials with fine aggregate granulometry.
  • Light, robust and easy to move on any surface, being equipped with anti-puncture rubber wheels with motion bearings; also there are hooks for lifting and it' s disassemble in various parts to easy transport in a confined spaces.
  • The mixing chamber and the front support are easy to disassemble for perfect cleaning, with IP69K tamper proof sensor which preventing operation of mixer if opening the mixing chamber.
  • Front support of mixer shaft is external with protected bearing.
  • Safety grid with bag opener.
  • Integrated electric water pump.
  • Can be connected to the domestic single-phase power source, without compromise the power consumption and the continuity of the electrical service, even when is used combined with Edilmac's single-phases pumps.
  • Simple to use and minimal maintenance with quick cleaning.


Voltage 230 V single-phase
Continuous mixer motor 1,1 kW by inverter
Electric water pump 0,33 kW
Mixable aggregate granulometry 0 - 5 mm
Mixing output capacity up to 20 l/min.
Hopper capacity 55 l
Length x width x height. 1600 x 650 x 1100 mm
Weight 90 kg
Other material in a standard equipment Toolbox, operation and maintenance manual, declaration of conformity.


IMPACT continuous mixer for premixed mortar disassembled in parts continuous mixer combined with small plastering machine to mix ready-mix dry mortars

Mixer disassembled in parts.

Mixer combined with plastering machine.


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