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Compact plastering machine, injection pump and mortar transporter FCX 80

compact small plastering machine and cement injection pump FCX 80



Plastering machine FCX 80 is a small compact worm pump, 230 V single-phase with adjustable pump output capacity by inverter, or 400 V Three-phase at fixed output, selectable by a different types of stators and rotors that have a different output capacity.
The compact plastering machine FCX 80 in a standard version, is suitable for pumping the most types of modern wet plasters, mixed with water by any type of mixers or muller, or by continuous mixers L 60, L 25., IMPACT and R 50. In depth FCX 80 spraying ready-mix plasters cement or lime based, special renders fiber reinforced based for restructuring, traditional mortars ( with vibrating screen), finish plasters and thermal insulating plaster.
Optionally with injection gun kit, modular and easy to install, you can perform grouting and controlled pressure injection of cement, expansive mortar, thixotropic mortar, resins and other mortar injection in the wall cables channels and in the pre-compressed structures.
Furthermore, the pump is suitable as small-medium transporter for wet mortars mixed with water with any mixers; self-levelling screed and masonry mortars, grouting of molds, formworks and in general small-medium structures, consolidation of the subsurface with slurry trench materials.
Another characteristic of this universal pump are the simple utilization, low maintenance, compactness combined with small dimensions, that it make particularly easy to handle.



  • Machine is very handy and compact.
  • Single-phase plastering machine version of 2.2 kW have low power consumption, and it can be connected to the civil building with power source of 3 kW - 230 V single phase, ensuring excellent performance.
  • All accessories are modular and easy to install even by the operator, without the intervention of technicians and it's possible to purchase and install this kits in a later time and not only when you make the purchase order of the machine.
  • Different operating modes easily selected, which excludes for example the compressor when you are not using the machine as a plastering machine, but you are performing grouting or injection.
  • Very quiet at work especially as a transporter for mortar grouting and injection.
  • Maintenance and cleaning are very fast.


FCX 80 M FCX 80 T
Voltage 230 V single-phase 400 V Three-phase
Pump motor 2,2 kW 3 kW
Maximum aggregate size up to 5 mm up to 5 mm
Pump output capacity adjustable from 2 up 19 l/min by inverter Fixed output, up to 22 l/min
( up to 30 l/min as transporter)
Hopper capacity 80 l 80 l
Length x width x height 1700 x 650 x 700 mm 1700 x 650 x 700 mm
Total weight 125 kg 130 kg
Standard hose equipment 10 m + 10 m 10 m + 10 m
Other material in a standard equipment Instructions manual, toolbox, accessories and declaration of conformity. Instructions manual, toolbox, accessories and declaration of conformity.


Plastering machine configuration. FCX 80 M FCX 80 T

Small plastering machine for traditional wet mortar up 5 mm.
(suggest R 50 M planetary mixer)

Request vibrating screen. Request vibrating screen.
Small plastering machine for ready-mix mortar up 5 mm.
(suggest IMPACT or L 25 continuous mixer)
Standard. Standard.
Plastering machine for finishing wet plaster up to 3 mm.
(suggest R 50 M planetary mixer)
Standard. Stator and rotor for finish plasters.

Injection pump configuration.

Controlled pressure injection and grouting
(suggest R 50 M planetary mixer)
Manual or automatic injection kit or manual with recycle. Manual or automatic injection kit or manual with recycle, stator and rotor for injections.

Transporter pump configuration.

Transporter of wet mortars suitable for pumping.
(suggest R 50 M planetary mixer)
Transporter gun and eventually remote control Transporter gun and eventually remote control, with stator and rotor for transport.


FCX 80 compact plastering machine spray gun remote control for mortar transporter FCX 80

spray gun.

wired 24 V remote control.

injection gun kit for controlled pressure injection of cement for pump FCX 80 Vibrating screen for traditional mortars of small plaster sprayer FCX 80

Injection gun kit.

Vibrating screen for traditional mortars


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