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Silo continuous mixer for ready-mix dry plaster L 60

L 60 Silo continuous mixer for ready-mix dry mortars



Silo continuous mixer L 60 T powered on 400 V three-phase and L 60 M powered on 230 V single-phase with inverter, mixes automatically and continuously, various type of ready-mix dry mortars, stocked on silos, mini silos or in containers.
Silo mixer L 60 is suitable to mixing ready-mix dry mortars of lime or cement based, premixed floor screeds and self-levelling, masonry mortar, grouting mortar, mortars for rehabilitation and restructuring.
The ready-mix dry material goes down from silo, mini silo or container, directly into the hopper of mixer, a dosing cochlear at constant speed loading the materials into the mixing chamber, which automatic mix with a pressurized water, provided accurately by the water system of the mixer and the micrometric dosing valve adjusted by the user.
The mixed material comes down from the outlet of the mixer chamber perfectly amalgamated with the preferred density, filling grabs, buckets, wheelbarrows or others recipients, or feeding directly the plastering machines PC 500 M or PC 500 C, PC 500 L or PC 500 I, FCX 80, Evutech e TS 35.
Using the silo continuous mixer L 60 with a plastering machine, is possible to optional installing the material level control probe connected to the hopper of the plastering machines, for the autonomous feeding of the mixed plaster.
The single-phase version L 60 M is ideal for mini silo and driven by quality electric motor with inverter, allowing excellent power saving and high performance without compromise.



  • Silo direct attachment plate with quick installation coupling, fully adjustable to rotate the mixer by 360° in any desired position.
  • Mixes perfectly the material and it allows to adjust the mixture density with the micrometric dosing valve of water.
  • No wasted mortar if compared to the manual mixing.
  • Capacious dry material hopper for excellent mixing stability of the materials goes down from the silo.
  • Mortars and plasters excellent mixed with high mixing output capability, without any loss of performance when using materials with fine aggregate granulometry.
  • It' s provided standard with a electric water pump with automatic mixer stopping in the absence of water.
  • Present Hooks for lifting and disassemble in parts; with control panel, water system and mixing chamber completely removable to easy transport and movement.
  • Front support of mixer shaft is external with protected bearing.
  • The mixing chamber and the front support are easy to disassemble for perfect cleaning, with IP69K tamper proof sensor which preventing operation of mixer if opening the mixing chamber.
  • Optional on request, removable chassis with safety grid with bag opener equipped with anti-puncture rubber wheels with motion bearings, to facilitate manual transport in all surfaces and to be used with bagged ready mix materials rather than connected to the silo.
  • Remote control for operating the mixer, optionally on request.
  • Simple to use and minimal maintenance with quick cleaning.


L 60 T L 60 M
Voltage Three-phase 400 V - 50 Hz
or three-phase 230 V - 60 Hz
230 V single-phase
Motor mixer 4 kW (5,5 kW on request) 2,2 kW with inverter
Electric Water pump 0,33 kW 0,33 kW
Mixable aggregate granulometry 0 - 8 mm 0 - 5 mm
Mixing output capacity up to 55 l/min up to 30 l/min
Length x width x height 1700 x 600 x 900 mm 1600 x 600 x 900 mm
Weight 140 kg 125 kg
Other material in a standard equipment Toolbox, operation and maintenance manual, declaration of conformity. Toolbox, operation and maintenance manual, declaration of conformity.

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