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Silo continuous mixer for ready-mix dry plaster L 60

L 60 Silo continuous mixer for ready-mix dry mortars



Silo continuous mixer L 60 feeding at 400 V (three-phase) mixes automatically with water and continuously all kinds of ready-mix dry mortars from silos and containers, with max. aggregate size up to 5 mm.
Silo continuous mixer L 60 is suitable to mixing ready-mix dry mortar in a silo, lime, cement or gypsum based, polystyrene based plasters, self-levelling floor screed, masonry mortar also for grouting, insulating mortars, finish dry coat, decorative render, and many type of special renders provided in a silo.
Ready-mix dry mortar goes down from silo in the pre-mixing chamber, a dosing cochlea at constant speed loading the materials in the mixing pipe, which is mixing with a water provided by a dosing valve, mortar output from the mixer is perfect mixing and with prefer density for fill buckets, containers and wheelbarrows or feed directly a plastering machine like PC 500 C, PC 500 L - PC 500 I and TS 35 series that needs premixed wet mortar.
Combining with a plastering machine, silo continuous mixer L 60, can be used automatically by installing on plastering machine's hopper a sensor with a level control (on request), so the plaster will be mixed only when the level of the mortar on the pump is low and stops at the reached level, without any intervention from the personnel.



  • It mixes perfectly the material and it allows to adjust the mixture density with the dosing valve.
  • Excellent and constant quality of mixed mortar.
  • High mixing output capability.
  • No wasted mortar when compared to the manual mixing.
  • Removable control panel and water pump group.
  • It's provided with water pump in a standard equipment.
  • It can be disassemble in parts, to easy transport and movement.
  • The mixing chamber and the front support are easy to disassemble for perfect cleaning.
  • Front support of shaft mixer is external with bearing.
  • Remote control 24 V wired or wireless (both on request).
  • Sensor with a level control ( on request) useful combined with a plastering machine for automatic mortars feeding.
  • It needs little maintenance and it can be cleaned quickly.


L 60
Voltage 400 V three-phase
Mixer motor 4 kW (5,5 kW on request)
Water pump 0,33 kW
Maximum aggregate size up to 8 mm
Mixing output capacity up to 55 l/min.
Length x width x height. 1600 x 500 x 600 mm
Removable control panel weight 20 kg
mixer weight 90 kg
Other material in a standard equipment Instructions manual, toolbox, accessories and declaration of conformity.

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