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Peristaltic plastering machine TS 35

Peristaltic plastering machine EDILMAC TS 35 for special renders



The Peristaltic plastering machine TS 35 is a plaster machinery with peristaltic pump principle, composed of internal rollers which rotating, compress and release a special high strength rubber peristaltic hose, this movement allows the material in the hopper to be sucked up and therefore pumped into the machinery hoses.
The Peristaltic plastering machine TS 35 M - 230 V single-phase with inverter or TS 35 T - 400 V three-phase, it' s used for the transport and spraying of plasters mixed apart, on ceilings and internal and external walls, with traditional mortars of lime and / or cement and execution of first spraying liquid mortar, tuff, pozzolana, self-leveling screeds, mortars for transport, special plasters such as capoti and mortars for renovations, and is particularly suitable for special mortars based on hemp, cork, perlite, polystyrene, clay or cereal husk and fiber mortars of various kinds, which it' s necessary to completely preserve the structural integrity of these materials during the pumping.
The plastering machine TS 35 M single-phase it stands out for its optimized power consumption thanks to use a quality electric motor driven by inverter, it can be connected also to the domestic building with power source of 3 kW - 230 V single phase, always guaranteeing maximum reliability and continuity of the electrical service.



  • Build-in air compressor; reliable, performing and long lasting.
  • Electric vibrating screen with a specific command switch.
  • Spray gun with pneumatic remote control.
  • Inner agitator into the hopper to maintain well amalgamated the pumped mortars.
  • The three-phase version is standard equipped by anti-clogging safety system against pump operation overpressures, while for the single-phase version is managed by the control and protection systems of inverter.
  • Duration of special high strength rubber peristaltic hose, significantly higher compared to other peristaltic plastering machines with twin hoses, thanks to the proprietary peristaltic pump developed and manufactured by Edilmac.
  • Robust and easy to handle being provided with 400 mm anti-puncture rubber wheels with motion bearings, extractable grip for hand towing to easy transport in all surfaces; it's present also hooks for lifting and carry.
  • To mixing the pumped materials, it can be combined with continuous mixer L 25 with customized mixing chambers for particular special mortars, or planetary mixer R 50, any type of concrete mixers, muller or others.
  • Minimal maintenance, very quick and easy cleaning.


TS 35 M TS 35 T
Voltage 230 V single-phase 400 V three-phase 50 Hz
or 230 V three-phase 60 Hz
Pump motor 2,2 kW by inverter 3 kW
Hopper agitator motor 0,37 kW 0,5 kW
Maximum working pressure 15 bar 18 bar
Pumpable aggregate granulometry 0 - 3 mm 0 - 4 mm
Peristaltic pump flow rate up to 30 l/min up to 35 l/min
Maximum pumping distance 40 m 50 - 60 m
Maximum pumping height 12 - 15 m 20 m
Hopper capacity 140 l 140 l
Length x width x height 1700 x 900 x 710 mm 1700 x 900 x 710 mm
Material loading height 700 mm 700 mm
Weight 290 kg 300 kg
Standard Hose equipment 30 m (20 m + 10 m) 30 m (20 m + 10 m)
Other material in a standard equipment Toolbox, spray gun, operation and maintenance manual, declaration of conformity.. Toolbox, spray gun, operation and maintenance manual, declaration of conformity.


single-phase peristaltic pump for mortars TS 35 Spray gun for peristaltic plastering machine TS 35

Peristaltic pump detail.

Spray gun.


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