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Planetary mixer for mortars R 50

Planetary mixer for all type of plasters and mortars, EDILMAC R 50



The Planetary Mixer R 50 mixes all types of dry and wet building materials, with aggregates granulometry from 0 to 10 mm.
In detail, the planetary mixer R 50 M - 230 V single-phase driven by inverter or R 50 T - 400 V three-phase, mix light concrete, grout materials, lightened mortars based on hemp, cork, perlite, polystyrene, clay or cereal husk and fiber mortars of various kinds, floor screeds, ready-mix mortars, ecological mortars, insulating plaster, expanded clay, refractory mortar, masonry mortars, dry or wet finishing plasters, dense and adhesive mortars, traditional mortars of sand with lime and / or cement, renovation and two-components materials.
The planetary mixer R 50 is loaded manually by the operator, which doses the water and the material at his own discretion, to obtain the desired mixture density, subsequently when the mixed material is ready, can be activated the discharge hatch materials lever, to fill buckets, wheelbarrows, grabs or hoppers of plastering machines or transporters that require the materials mixed apart.
For extremely dense or adhesive materials, particularly difficult to mix or require particular mixing procedures, on request is possible to apply a device for automatic reversing of the rotation clockwise and counterclockwise direction for the internal rotary mixing blades, with settable the rotary reversal times according to the mixing needs.



  • The planetary mixing system of R 50, mixes all types of traditional, ready-mix, finishing and special materials, mixing optimally with exceptional uniformity and free of lumps, superior to any other type of mixing system.
  • Robust and easy to handle being provided with 400 mm anti-puncture rubber wheels with motion bearings, extractable grip for hand towing to easy transport in all surfaces; it's present also hooks for lifting and carry.
  • Standard equipped by safety grid with bag opener and an IP69K tamper proof sensor which preventing operation of the mixing blades if opening the safety grid.
  • High efficiency and quality transmission gear-box, shaft of mixing blades assembled on double bearings and seals, which guarantee performance, reliability and long life in all mixing situations, even the most demanding and complex.
  • Simple disassembly with a single manoeuvre nut, of the mixer with mixing blades, for its perfect cleaning and of the hopper; also available different profiles of the mixing blades to optimize the mixture of special materials.
  • When close, the discharge hatch materials lever is watertight in the lower part of the hopper; this feature is very useful with materials that has necessary to start the mixture with water alone or with extremely fluid components, moreover the opening mechanism is particularly robust and long-lasting, easy to maintain by simply greasing by the specific greaser.
  • Easy and intuitive ordinary maintenance, very quick and simple cleaning of the machinery.


R 50 M R 50 T
Voltage 230 V single-phase 400 V three-phase 50 Hz
or 230 V three-phase 60 Hz
Planetary Mixer motor 1,5 kW by inverter with speed adjustable 2,2 kW
Mixing aggregate granulometry 0 - 10 mm 0 - 10 mm
Hopper capacity 150 l - effective 120 l 150 l - effective 120 l
Height of discharge hatch materials 650 mm 650 mm
Length x width x height 950 x 600 x 1100 mm 950 x 600 x 1100 mm
Weight 125 kg 135 kg
Other material in a standard equipment Toolbox, operation and maintenance manual, declaration of conformity. Toolbox, operation and maintenance manual, declaration of conformity.


Bag opener for plasters pan mixer R 50 EDILMAC discharge hatch lever of mortars planetary mixer R 50 EDILMAC

safety grid with bag opener.

Discharge hatch materials lever.


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