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Planetary mixer for mortars R 50

Planetary mixer for all type of plasters and mortars, EDILMAC R 50



Planetary Mixer R 50 can mix different type of materials, dry or wet mortars and plasters, with aggregate size up to 10 mm.
In depth, the planetary mixer R 50 mix: traditional or ready-mixed dry mortar, cement, lime or gypsum based, polystyrene based plasters, cork based plasters, eco-mortar, fiber reinforced based, jointing mortars, cement plaster, adhesive and reinforcing mortar, repair render, refractory mortar, self-levelling floor screed, floor screed, masonry mortar, concrete, fine concrete, also for grouting, insulating mortars, finish dry coat, decorative render and skim coat and special lightweight renders.
Planetary mixer R 50 M - 230 V single-phase or R 50 T - 400 V three-phase can be used to fill buckets, containers and wheelbarrow, or any other kind of container, or feed directly all type of EDILMAC's plastering and transporter machines. that needs premixed wet mortar.
R 50 M or R 50 T planetary mixer fed by personnel manually, which provide dosing the water and the materials for mixing, when the mortar reaches the desired density, discharge hatch materials lever can be manually activated to supply the mortar directly to plastering machines or fill manually in buckets or wheelbarrow.
For particular special renders that are difficult to mix, is possible to order a R 50 pan mixer with automatic cyclic inverse sense rotation; this mixer version called R 50 SM ( 230 V single-phase) and R 50 ST (400 V three-phase).



  • Homogeneous mix by exceptional mixed rotated pales.
  • Simply to use, it can be mix any type of materials.
  • Robust and manageable, is equipped with pneumatic tubeless wheels, handles for moving and hooks for lifting.
  • Single-phase 230 V version R 50 M or R 50 SM, is standard equipped by frequency inverter, and it's possible to adjust the speed of the mixer for best mixing procedures.
  • Support with bearings and stuffing mixer shaft that provide in the same time, excellent durability and mixing power.
  • Minimum maintenance and quick cleaning, thanks to easily removal of the mixer shaft.
  • Standard Equipment by safety net with bag-opener.
  • Sensor on screening to prevent any type of contact with moving mechanical parts.
  • Is possible to use with any type of plastering or transporter machines.


R 50 M R 50 T
Voltage 230 V single-phase 400 V three-phase
Mixer motor 1,5 kW - speed adjustable by inverter 2,2 kW
Maximum mixing aggregate size up to 10 mm up to 10 mm
Hopper capacity 150 l - effective 120 l 150 l - effective 120 l
Height of discharge hatch materials 650 mm 650 mm
Length x width x height 950 x 600 x 1100mm 950 x 600 x 1100 mm
Total weight 120 kg 130 kg
Other material in a standard equipment Instructions manual, toolbox, accessories and declaration of conformity. Instructions manual, toolbox, accessories and declaration of conformity..


Bag opener for plasters pan mixer R 50 EDILMAC discharge hatch lever of mortars planetary mixer R 50 EDILMAC

safety net with bag-opener.

Discharge hatch materials lever.


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