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Piston pump for traditional mortar P 110

1987-2010 - discontinued product, replaced by model EVUTECH
Piston plastering machine for traditional mortars P 110 Edilmac



Piston pump P 110 is a three-phase plastering and transport machine for traditional wet mortars, with a single piston pump body, It works with free spherical valves that aspirating and compressing, this function permit the continuous and regular transport of the mortar.
Piston plastering machine P 110 is suitable for medium and large buildings company, it can be perfectly used with the most difficult work conditions, and it guarantees excellent performances for spraying and transport traditional wet mortar based on cement, lime, and any type of sand, on indoor and outdoor walls and ceilings, spritz beton on panels and metallic net.
Also with piston plastering machine P 110 is possible to spray, anti-retirement or expansive mortars, for consolidation of damaged or degraded structures of civil and industrial buildings, jet of micropiles, conveying of masonry mortars, execution of first spraying liquid mortar, ecological and thixotropic plasters, fine concrete ( up to 8 mm) and restorations of buildings and flats.



  • Electric vibrating screen on standard equipment.
  • Pneumatic remote control directly on spray gun.
  • Embedded system which provides a uniform manner of spray material, and eliminates the typical "pulse effect" like other single piston pumps.
  • Anti-clogging safety system against high overpressures on standard equipment
  • Robust and guarantee solid high performance.
  • It can be used with R 50 planetary mixer and any type of concrete mixers or other mixers.
  • Fast cleaning and low maintenance.
  • High durability of piston pump, more than 30.000 m² of mortars sprayed before maintenance.


P 110
Voltage 400 V three-phase
Pump motor 5,5 kW (7,5 kW on request)
Maximum working pressure 30 bar
Maximum aggregate size up to 8 mm
Pump output capacity up to 55 l/min.
Maximum pumping distance up to 120 m
Maximum pumping height up to 40 m
Hopper capacity 180 l
Length x width x height 1800 x 1250 x 1300 mm
Loading height 750 mm
Total Weight 480 kg
Standard Hose equipment 30 m (20 m + 10 m)
Other material in a standard equipment Instructions manual, spray gun, toolbox, accessories and declaration of conformity.


Spray gun of piston plastering machine P 110 Edilmac for traditional mortars Anti-clogging safety system of piston plastering machine Edilmac P 110

Spray gun.

Safety system.


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