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Small filling joints machine FC 20

small filling joints machine FC 20



Filling joints machine FC 20 is a small single-phase vertical worm pump, with electronic range variation of pump output capacity by inverter; it is very light weight, (only 55 kg) and compact, easy to use and fit for everybody: company, professional and also private users.
Filling joints machine FC 20 is able to filling with a ready-mix plaster with max. aggregate size to 3 mm mixed separately by a mixer, the joints at least with a width of 8 mm on brick, brick facades, porphyry, paving, different types of stones and pebbles of various sizes.
The possibility of adjusting the pump output capacity, directly in the machine electric panel, allow to change output capacity from 0,5 to 4 l/min by inverter, therefore ensuring using in many different situations to perform fine joints on brick facades or larger joints on bricks or stones; also a single operator can be performed the filling because the machine can be stopped and started directly in the filling gun, by the wired 24 V remote control, included in the standard equipment.
In a Photos in a buldings site sections you can view a photo report about FC 20 in a building site for filling joints of bricks facades.
Edilmac FC 20 is the ideal solution for filling joints easy and convenient.



  • The machine is very handy, just 55 kg, can be carried easily in the car trunk of a station wagon or a minivan.
  • Cost of the machine is accessible also to private users.
  • Easy operation, suitable for private users and personal at first-hand experience.
  • It can be control the pump for use continuous or intermittent (useful for finishing), operated by the wired 24 V remote control.
  • Very quiet at work.
  • Maintenance and cleaning are very fast.


FC 20
Voltage 230 V single-phase
Pump motor 0,75 kW
Maximum aggregate size up to 3 mm (only premixed wet mortar)
Pump output capacity adjustable from 0,5 to 4 l/min by inverter
Hopper capacity 25 l
Length x width x height 800 x 600 x 800 mm
Total weight 55 kg
Standard Hose equipment 10 m - single piece
Other material in a standard equipment Instructions manual, 2 filling guns, wired 24 V remote control, toolbox, accessories and declaration of conformity


wired 24 V remote control for filling joints machine FC 20 control to adjust pump output capacity for filling joints machine FC 20

Filling gun and wired 24 V remote control.

Control to adjust pump output capacity.


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