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Plaster power float M 360

plaster power float M 360



Plaster power Float M 360 with voltage 230 V single-phase, can almost totally replace the classic hand float, if fact can float plasters with fine and medium granulometry, smoothing finishing plaster, skim coat and ready mix plasters based on lime or cement, also can sanding paints or apply particular visual effects to the plaster, using the appropriate optional sponges and discs.
The M 360 Plaster power float stands out for its lightness and manoeuvrability, ease of use and good average daily yield of executable processing, as well as the excellent reliability and performance of the electronic control board and speed adjustment of the plaster power float motor with related electro-mechanical parts.
By speed adjustment of the dragger disc, the plaster power float M 360, satisfies different types of work, according to the operator' s needs.
By the electric push button switch above the plaster power float handle, it can be humidify the plaster with a water spray facilitating the floating of the entire surface to be worked



  • Possibility to change the sponges and discs of the plaster power float to work the most varied types of materials, with a wide range available.
  • Built-in electric water pump with water tank on the control panel chassis.
  • The interchangeability of the sponges and discs with strap fastening via four solid Velcro, ensures quick accessory changes and low maintenance costs.
  • Possibility to float easily also the ceiling by the special ceiling support.
  • Quick work clearly superior when compared to the classic hand float.
  • Very light and manoeuvrable, excellent stability thanks to its two-hand grips and the ergonomic shape with balanced weights, specifically designed to be used in order to guarantee excellent surface uniformity of the floated material.


M 360
Voltage 230 V single-phase 50 Hz
or 120 V single-phase 60 Hz
Sponges and discs diameter used 400 mm
Dragger disc speed adjustment from 80 to 130 RPM
Plaster power float weight 3,8 kg
Control panel weight 14 kg
Material in a standard equipment

Plaster power float tool with 10 m of cable.

Control panel with build-in electric water pump and water tank.
N° 3 sponges of various density.
Rigid plastic disc for background plaster
Dragger disc for fastening the sponges and discs.
Closable container for plaster power float and accessories, operation and maintenance manual, declaration of conformity.
Average daily yield of executable processing.
Floating of finishing plaster 60/80 m²/h
Floating of ready mix plaster and skim coat 60/70 m²/h
Sanding of paints in general 40/60 m²/h


Sponges discs and plastic disc with plaster power float M 360 standard equipment Ceiling support for plaster power float M 360

Sponges in a standard equipment.

Ceiling support.


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