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Single-phase plastering machine for ready-mix dry plaster CK 20

Single-phase plastering machine for ready-mix dry plaster - CK 20



Single-phase plastering machine CK 20 is a compact, vertical worm mixing pump, powered on 230 V single-phase with multiple inverters, ideal to mix, transport and spray all kinds of ready-mix dry mortars with aggregate granulometry from 0 to 3 mm, for indoor, outdoor and ceilings, small jobs of self-levelling floor screed and some special ready mix mortars.
CK 20 plastering machine ensure excellent versatility, the electronic range variation of pump flow rate by inverter, allows to do any type of plastering, even the more complex; also it can be carrying everywhere by its small size and weight, facilitating positioning and transport in difficult workplaces.
CK 20 plastering machine has optimized power saving, due to a multiple inverters, quality electric motors and construction features, then is THE UNIQUE single-phase mixing-pump with vertical worm that can be connected for real to a classic home building supply of 230 V single-phase with 3 kW of power, always guaranteeing excellent performance, reliability and continuity of the electrical service.



  • It mixes perfectly the material and it allows to adjust the mixture density with the micrometric dosing valve of water.
  • Machine built with the three-phase principle of CK 30, therefore with separate vertical mixing pump and auger for loading the dry material, with two separate gear-box motor developed to work in a single balanced automatism. Completely different principle from the low-cost system of the single-phase inclined mixing pump, which is equipped with a single gear-box motor that loads, mixes and pumps all together and with the entire weight of the dry material contained in the hopper that overloads the axis of pumping, causing problems of discontinuity and uniformity of the mixture and pumping, as well as blocks and jams in the start-up phase.
    Therefore the two separate electric motors driven by inverter of pump and load of the CK 20 system, together absorb much less power than the single electric motor of the single-phase inclined mixing pump, which is constantly overloaded due to intrinsic technical limits.
  • The machine is handy in all surfaces, is provided with spinning wheels (2 with brake ) rubber and anti-puncture type with motion bearings; hooks for lifting and it can be disassemble in 3 parts to easy transport in a confined spaces.
  • It' s easy to use and has high performance near the three-phase mixing pumps of the other brands.
  • It' s provided standard with inverter and speed adjustment by motopotentiometer.
  • Integrated air compressor reliable and performing, driven by electric motor with inverter to optimize performance and power saving.
  • It' s provided standard with a electric water pump, which automatic switch off during pauses to remarkable preserve the durability, also automatic shut-down the system in the absence of water to prevent the entry of the dry material into the stator and rotor, as well the blinking light signalling, that identify there' s no adequate water pressure.
  • It' s provided standard with safety grid and bag opener.
  • Exclusive Edilmac' s channelled auger loading system driven by inverter, that guarantees a perfect feeding of dry material to the pump, without any jamming and encrustations compared to other types of loading systems.
  • The vertical mixing pump is equipped with a single mixer shaft for all kinds of ready-mix dry mortars, always guaranteeing a perfectly uniform and amalgamated mix, therefore without necessity to change the mixer shaft depending on the used material or having to re-mix again the de-mixed product with the fallback of the turbo mixer on the pump outlet.
  • The new type of mixing chamber, mixes without problems every kinds of ready-mix plasters for indoor and outdoor and more quality compared to others plastering machine of the same category, also there' s an IP69K tamper proof sensor which preventing operation of the pump if opening the mixing chamber.
  • Complete cleaning system, which uses the electric water pump supplied, allowing to perfectly clean the plaster pump with a strong water jet without using the scraper, combined with the drain by-pass, for release cleaning residues without dirtying the ground, thanks to the possibility of placing recovery buckets under the by-pass outlet.
  • It' s soundless in the working pause too, thanks to the automatic switch-off of the entire electric motors.
  • It needs little maintenance and it can be cleaned quickly.


CK 20
Voltage 230 V single-phase
Motor pump 2,2 kW by inverter
Pumping aggregate granulometry 0 - 3 mm
Vertical worm mixing pump flow rate adjustable up to 20 l/min by inverter
Maximum pumping distance 20 m
Maximum pumping height 9 m
Hopper capacity 90 l
Length x width x height 1300 x 600 x 1450 mm
Material loading height 930 mm
Weight 220 kg
Standard hose equipment 10 m - single piece
Other material in a standard equipment Toolbox, spray gun, operation and maintenance manual, declaration of conformity.


CK 20 plastering machine disassemble in 3 parts. CK 20 mixing pump bag opener

Disassembled in 3 parts.

Safety grid and bag opener.


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