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Plaster power Float M 390

M 390 Plaster power float for smoothing any type of plasters



Plaster power float M 390 is a natural substitute of classic manual float, it can be floated all type of finishing plasters and premixed mortars, with lime, gypsum or cement based, like classic manual float, but much more quickly!.
Also by a switch on float handle, it can be wet the plaster, so it's guarantee a perfect smoothing and uniform application on the entire wall or structure.
The plaster power Float M 390 - 230 V single-phase is for professional users; compared to M 360 model, it's powerful on float motor and water pump, this characteristics permit M 390 to have a better medium-hour performance, and it can be float the traditional mortar with medium-high density and rough plaster, scrape paint or finish plaster, or to make a particular visual effect on plaster, like scratched or raw spatula effect.
The M 390 Plaster power float has 36 V DC motor, with 15 m of flexible cable, it distinguishes for its light weight and maneuverability, simply to use, high level performance , adjustable motor speed for a wide use with various type of plasters or smoothing works, and finally excellent reliability of electromechanical parts.



  • It's possible to change the sponge discs of plaster power float, (view the entire gamma) based on the application.
  • Incorporated water pump with 5 liters tank, for a maximum comfort of the user.
  • Also It is possible to float easily the ceiling by the special ceiling support.
  • Quick work, sharply higher than the works with classic manual float.
  • Availability of numerous sponges discs, abrasives, scrapers disc and blades disc for all type of plaster so you can scrape the old finish plaster or create special visual effects for plaster like scratched or raw spatula effect.
  • Possibility to adjust the speed control of the float disc and a switch for humidify with water the plaster in the processing wall.
  • Simply to use and particularly light weight and maneuverability.


M 390
Voltage 230 V single-phase
Sponges and discs diameter supported 400 mm
Plaster power float rotation speed from 80 to 150 rpm
Plaster power float weight 4,5 kg
Switchboard control weight 16 kg
Material in a standard equipment

Plaster power float at 36 V DC with 15 m of flexible cable.

Switchboard control with incorporated water pump and 5 liters tank.
N° 3 sponges discs with various density.
plastic disc for raw materials.
Drags disc for sponge fix.
Metal toolbox for plaster power float and its switchboard, instructions manual, safety goggles and declaration of conformity.
medium-hour performance of smoothed plaster expressed in m² for hour
Floating traditional mortars 60/80 m²/h
Floating ready-mix mortars 70/90 m²/h
Floating finishing plasters 70/90 m²/h
Floating of raw plasters 60/70 m²/h
Scratched and raw spatula effect 50/70 m²/h


Sponges discs and plastic disc with plaster power float M 360 standard equipment Ceiling support for plaster power float M 360

Sponges in a standard equipment

Ceiling support.


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