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Plastering machine and transporter for finish coat PMF 10

plastering and transporter machine PMF 10 Edilmac for finishing plasters



Plastering machine for finishing plasters PMF 10 feeding at 400 V three-phase is a worm vertical pump, mixing, (at mixing cycles and NOT continuously) spraying and transport every type of finishing plasters wet or dry, finish coat, fine plaster, skim coat, thin layer compounds, marmorino, decorative e color renders with aggregate size up to 3 mm, without uses of any type of mixer like concrete mixer or other.
Plastering machine PMF 10 distinguishes for its easy used, for high capacity hopper up to 10 bags of wet finish plaster and excellent reliability of electromechanical parts.
On request it can be provided by with electronic range variation of pump output capacity, so it can be done every type of finishing plasters. PMF 10 is provided with inner agitator in the hopper, which mixing and homogenize the mixture in the hopper facilitating the smoothing with manual float or plaster power floats like M 360 or M 390.
Unique in its category PMF series integrate a knife gate hatch, manually activated by the personnel, that divides the pumping section to the mixing one where it can be prepare mixture of finish plasters dry or wet, also with other materials and water. When the mixture is ready for pumping knife gate hatch will be open by the personnel so it pumping up to all mixture in the hopper will be finished, after that it's ready for another mixing cycle.
Another interesting feature of pump PMF 10 is the injection kit, with it you can perform grouting and controlled pressure injection of cement, expansive mortar, thixotropic mortar, resins and other mortar injection in the wall cables channels and in the pre-compressed structures.



  • Mixing (at mixing cycles and NOT continuously) and spraying every type of finishing plasters perfectly homogenized, thanks mixing zone.
  • High capacity hopper, (up to 10 bags of wet finish plaster)
  • Air compressor on standard equipment, it can be deselect able in case that it's used as transporter
  • Unique system with a knife gate hatch, that divides the pumping section to the mixing zone ( hopper with inner agitator).
  • Inner Agitator completely independent from pump, perfectly mixing also new finishing dry plasters.
  • Standard Equipment with safety bag-opener net.
  • In a transporter mode, pump command by a wired 24 V remote control or wireless (on request).
  • It's possible to applied various type of rotors and stators, according to aggregate size of plaster and pumping output capability.


PMF 10
Voltage 400 V Three-phase
Pump motor 2,2 kW ( 3 kW on request)
Hopper agitator motor 1 kW
Air compressor 1,5 kW
Maximum aggregate size up to 3 mm
Pump output capacity up to 26 l/min.
Hopper capacity 150 l
Length x width x height 1300 x 700 x 1600 mm
Loading height 930 mm
Total weight 170 kg
Standard hose equipment 30 m (20 m + 10 m)
Other material in a standard equipment Instructions manual, spray gun or transport gun, toolbox, accessories and declaration of conformity.


injection gun kit for controlled pressure injection of cement for pump PMF 10 etc. front view of single-phase plastering machine for finishing plasters PMF 10 Edilmac

Injection kit.

Front view.


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