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Plastering machine and transporter for finishing plasters PMF 10

plastering and transporter machine PMF 10 Edilmac for finishing plasters



The plastering machine for finishing plasters PMF 10 at 400 V three-phase, is a worm vertical pump that mixing and transports or sprays in two distinct phases, wet or dry finishing plasters, skim coats, covering materials, marmorino, coloured mortars, with aggregate granulometry from 0 to 3 mm, without to use concrete mixers, muller or other mixers.
Plastering machine PMF 10 stands out for its easy used and the reliability of mechanical and structural parts, with uses of various rotors and stators available, it' s possible to satisfy any jobs need of the operator in the use of finishing materials.
The pump PMF 10 is provided with a separate agitator from the pump, located inside the hopper, which mixes and makes the mixture homogeneous, facilitating the smoothing of the material with the power plaster floats M 360 and M 390.
On request it can be provided by with electronic range variation of pump output capacity, so it can be done every type of finishing plasters. PMF 10 is provided with inner agitator in the hopper, which mixing and homogenize the mixture in the hopper facilitating the smoothing with manual float or plaster power floats like M 360 or M 390.
Unique in its category, the PMF 10 integrates a manually selectable guillotine hatch divider, which divides the mixing area from the pump; when it' s closed permit to the incorporated agitator into the hopper to maintain the mixture perfectly amalgamate, to prepare dry finishing plasters or to add other components into the mixture, in this way, into the pump will enter the mortar only when it' s ready for pumping, by activating open the guillotine hatch divider.
Furthermore the PMF 10 has a very large hopper, it can be loaded 10 bags of materials and used as a finishing mortar transporter.
Another interesting feature is the possibility to perform controlled pressure injections and groutings by the optional injection kit.



  • Mixes and sprays the material in two distinct phases, guaranteeing excellent mixing that also maintained over time, the possible addition of other products and the perfect homogeneity of the pumped mortar.
  • Simple to use, relevant performance and high capacity hopper up to 10 bags of wet finishing plaster
  • Build-in air compressor reliable, performing and long-lasting, deselectedable if used only as a transporter.
  • The machine is handy in all surfaces, is provided with spinning wheels (2 with brake ) rubber and anti-puncture type with motion bearings; hooks for lifting and it can be disassemble in more parts to easy transport in a confined spaces.
  • Possibility of preparing the mixture with dry finishing plasters o skim coats in a bag and manually dosed water at the operator needs.
  • When used as a transporter, it' s possible to control the operation of the pump directly on the transport gun via the wired remote control, or even on request with the wireless type.
  • It' s possible to applied various type of rotors and stators, according to the aggregate granulometry of materials and the pump flow rate requested by operator.
  • It' s provided standard with safety grid with bag opener.


PMF 10
Voltage 400 V three-phase 50 Hz
or 230 V three-phase 60 Hz
Pump motor 2,2 kW (3 kW on request)
Hopper agitator motor 1,1 kW
Air compressor 1,5 kW
Pumpable aggregate granulometry 0 - 3 mm
Vertical worm pump flow rate up to 30 l/min
Hopper capacity 150 l
Length x width x height 1450 x 700 x 1600 mm
Material loading height 930 mm
Weight 180 kg
Standard hose equipment 30 m (20 m + 10 m)
Other material in a standard equipment Toolbox, spray gun, operation and maintenance manual, declaration of conformity.


injection gun kit for controlled pressure injection of cement for pump PMF 10 Edilmac Guillotine hatch divider of single-phase plastering machine for finishing plasters PMF 10 Edilmac

Injection kit.

Guillotine hatch divider.


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