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Spraying Thixotropic plaster fiber with pump FC 50


Small plastering machine FC 50 in a building site in Parma (Italy) for construction of a high-speed rail, to perform the spraying of special Thixotropic plaster fiber based - aggregate size up to 6 mm, in some dividers for high-speed rail.
FC 50 - 2,2 kW pump is ideally suited to this work, with excellent maneuverability, low power consumption at single-phase 230 V and variation of pump output capacity, which they were allowed to spray a small amount of plaster, as required by personnel working.

dividers for high-speed rail

High-speed rail dividers
in construction, which be
sprayed the special plaster

mixuture plaster for pumping

Preparation of mixture
for the pump,
ready to be used.

spraying special plaster

Spraying of special render.


Another detailed instance of
spraying for
Thixotropic plaster.

sprayed dividers

Detail of plaster
sprayed in some parts
of divider.

dividers completed

Part of application completed
for dividers


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