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Spraying thixotropic fiber-reinforced mortar with worm pump PC 500 C


Worm pump PC 500 C in a building site for spraying a special bi-component thixotropic fiber-reinforced plaster, mixed apart by concrete mixer and subsequently poured directly into the hopper of the machine and then pumped.
For the application is require spraying special plaster for consolidation of the walls on some hundreds meters of artificial underground duct for water of an hydroelectric power plant.
In the following photo report you can view the application performed by horizontal worm plastering machine PC 500 C - 400 V Three-phase.

prepararing the mixture with concrete mixer for plastering machine PC 500

Machine positioned
below the concrete mixer
which the mixture is poured

mixture poured into the hopper of worm spraying machine PC 500

mixture into the hopper
of the plastering machine.

spraying of special renders on the duct

Spraying of the plaster
on the water duct.

another spraying oft hixotropic paster on the duct

Another spraying phase
of thixotropic plaster
in the same duct.

altra spruzzatura sulla medesima parete

Yet another phase of plastering
on the wall of the duct.

wall finished, sprayed by pump PC 500

Part of the duct wall complete
with spraying plaster and
the subsequent smoothing


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