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EDILMAC company profile



Edilmac is a small company of the north-east of Italy, that has a of lot experience than over 40 years of his founder, in the pumping systems of buildings industry.
Edilmac until nowadays, has produced over 40 models of plastering machines, transport machines, cement injection pumps, filling joints machines and mixers, suitable for every types of plasters including special and restructuring renders.
Since 1986, year of foundation, Edilmac it shows as innovator in the production of plastering machines and building pump systems, projected in research and develop of modern solutions, always attentive to the exigencies of the market and users, making its products more and more competitive, based on quality and reliability, performance, robustness and easy use, that has always been the prerogatives of the company.

Edilmac plastering machines Company


Edilmac, since its creation, is totally responsible of the complete design, development and production of all its plastering machines, transport machines, cement injection pumps, filling joints machines and mixers, exclusively at its headquarter in Cervarese Santa Croce (PD) - Italy, therefore EDILMAC PRODUCTS ARE 100% MADE IN ITALY.
The components used for the production, are from the best Italian, German and Japanese companies in the market, such as: Siemens, Omron, Nord, Italvibras and Fag, only to mention several; Edilmac also follows every stage of production up to installation in building site or shipment of machinery, with rigorous testing of operation and safety to ensure the customer, always a quality product and fully functional.


Edilmac besides the development and production, takes care the assistance and maintenance of the machinery directly in a building site of the customer or in Edilmac's headquarter, ensuring reliability, speed and quality of service.
Edilmac also takes care the repair of plastering machines, filling joints machines, transport machines and building pumps of other brands also if are outdated, thanks to the expertise and experience gained over the years in the pumping systems for buildings industry.