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EDILMAC Photos into building sites


In the following section you can view all photos reports made in REAL building sites, during the application about plastering, filling joints and cement injections, performed by users with machines of Edilmac production, these reports are also accessible on the web page of the machines data sheet mentioned.

  FC 50 cement injection

new FC 50 injection on building site, controlled pressure cement injection at 1,5 bar, for consolidation of flooring about the historic Government Palace at Rijeka in Croatia, performed with injector pump FC 50 - 230 V single-phase.

  FC 50 filling joints stones

FC 50 filling in a building site , to perform a filling of joints between the stones that composed the walls of Sterpeto castle in Assisi - Italy, performed by filling joints pump FC 50 - 230 V single phase.

  PC 500 C spraying thixotropic plaster

PC 500 C in a hydroelectric power site, spraying of thixotropic fiber-reinforced plaster on the walls of some hundreds meters of artificial underground duct for extra water of hydroelectric power plant, performed with plastering machine PC 500 C - 400 V three-phase.

  FC 50 small plastering machine in a high-speed rail site

FC 50 in a high-speed rail site , spraying of special thixotropic plaster fiber based - aggregate size up to 6 mm, in some dividers for high-speed rail, performed by horizontal worm pump FC 50 - 230 V single-phase small plastering machine version, for special renders; specifically adjusted for spraying of a small amount of plaster useful for this application.

  P 90 piston plastering machine

P 90 in a building site, plastering of ceilings and walls inside and outside with traditional mortars mixed on-site, on a civil building, performed by piston plastering machine P 90 M - 230 V single phase.

  FC 50 filling joints and grouting

FC 50 in a building site , to perform a controlled pressure injections with cement and filling of joints between the stones that composed the walls along flight of steps of Carmini near the prestigious "piazza degli Scacchi" at Marostica (VI) - Italy, with traditional mortar made on-site, performed by filling joints and injection pump FC 50 - 230 V single phase, press article also appeared in the n° 133 of Italian buildings magazine "Imprese edili".

  FC 20 snall filling joints machine

FC 20 in a building site, application of some filling of joints between facade bricks on civil building, performed by small filling joints machine FC 20- 230 V single-phase.


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